Thursday, June 18, 2015

this is not a hipster poem

the struggle was real - and truer words never cliched.

who would have guessed? a hacker by nature
     a truth seeker
     a wannabe healer
the weapon of choice is information.

wading through deception, lies, hypocrisy--like an ocean of quicksand. it is impossible to swim when they just keep pushing you under.
the truth doesn't hurt, the truth sets us free.
        (except, apparently, from the cliches)
what hurts are lies. and self-imposed blindness.
     who would hide their own truth? only someone who will never know it's freedom.
     only someone shackled by denial.

ninja? she is stealthy. strange that someone who operates in darkness is a quiet crusader for light.
     (the thing about ninjas is they don't live in the dark. they just work there.)
make no mistake: there is light in her words. there is always light in the truth--even if it's not your truth. but let's face it, it is. at least in part.

hooker? I believe that's just a ruse.
confidence is sexy.

the spy speaks for herself. always one eye on the prize, and the other on the door. for some, work is a prison. for the spy, work is a neverending well and wealth of material.

she is confident, but not self-important.
she is righteous, but not self-righteous.
she is beautiful, but not vain.


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